Tides of Man – Young and Courageous

For this next band, I can’t remember how I stumbled upon their albums, but I’m glad I did. Probably using recommendation websites, or playing what I like to call “the iTunes game,” I eventually came upon an album they released in 2008, one that I couldn’t stop playing. This band I’m referring to is Tides of Man.

From Tampa, Florida, Tides of Man is currently a five-piece instrumental rock band. At one point, it was headed by lead singer Tilian Pearson, whom I consider one of the best lesser-known singers in modern rock. Since his departure from the band, though, Tides of Man has shifted their strategy and has now become a purely instrumental rock band. Using flavors of post-rock and elements of progressive rock, Tides of Man has successfully put together their latest album, “Young and Courageous.”

After their release of their album “Dreamhouse,” I waited in anticipation for their next album. The album was a striking display of Tilian Pearson’s vocal ability laid over a beautiful, yet downplayed and understated soundtrack. Since the album’s release in 2010, I waited for almost 4 years to find out that their lead singer had left the band to join Dance Gavin Dance. I was conflicted inside: how was I to continue to support a band whose sole reason I listened was to hear the wonderful voice of Pearson? And an even bigger question, would this band break up? I decided to let some time pass before I looked for them again. To my surprise, I found out that not only was the band still together, but they had released a new album! I was shocked, happy, surprised, and curious.


As I said earlier, “Young and Courageous” is purely instrumental. I guessed that after losing such an amazing voice, it would be impossible to find one to replace him, but I found out that Tides of Man is more than just a voice. This new album takes on the more post-rock feelings of their first album “Empire Theory.” Being a fan of this band since their inception, I can definitely hear a difference in their musical style, almost as if they evolved into a new band since Pearson’s departure. Hearing this album reminds me of other post-rock bands like Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Red Sparowes, and Russian Circles, but the difference is that this album is much more impressionable. After listening to this album for the first time, I couldn’t help but recall my favorite guitar riffs and my favorite drum beats, as they were stuck in my head for the rest of the day. My favorite song in particular is their self titled song “Young and Courageous.” The guitar work is absolutely beautiful, thanks to the talents of Spencer Gill.

The best thing about this album? The production quality! From basic research, I found out the band used support from their fan base in order to record and produce this album. (source). Fearing that the band may have flaked out on production quality to save money, I was skeptical at first. Boy, was I amazed when I find out how great the production quality was for this album. The rise and fall of each track is mastered beautifully, and each instrument is tracked perfectly throughout the entire album.


For a band that has experienced major loss and has gone through an identity crisis, I believe Tides of Man has found its way back to the music scene. With many adjustments made along the way, this band has produced another great album in “Young and Courageous.” They have clearly shown how great they were from the start, even without the voice of the band. I highly recommend this album to those who love post-rock, instrumental rock, or just need some background music to help them through their day. For a more lyrical experience, I highly recommend their prior albums “Empire Theory” and “Dreamhouse,” featuring the amazing vocals of Tilian Pearson.

Enjoy a complimentary listen of “Young and Courageous” from Bandcamp below:


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