I Was Awake – I Was Awake

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had the chance to interact with some bands on Twitter, and have discovered some great music during the time. This next band I have found over the last week, and truly love the music they have put out so far. With an interesting mix of indie rock, progressive rock and metal, the band I Was Awake has definitely caught my attention.

Residing in Boston, this five-piece consists of Chris Harvey on vocals, Justin Demko and Dan Goodhue on guitars, Kyle Paradis on bass guitar, and Chris Bouchard on drums, with a slew of support from other musicians in the recording process, including a three-piece string section. With two EPs currently out, I would like to give a shout out to their self titled debut “I Was Awake.”

Consisting of six songs spanning close to 30 minutes, each song has a different vibe and appeal. Both Demko and Goodhue use dual guitars throughout the album. In the songs “Prototype” and “Extra Appendages,” both guitarists develop unique and interesting patterns over the drums and bass. The precision of the guitars is amazing, since they play off each other with such ease. On top of the dual guitar, I love the range of sound both guitarists bring throughout the album. Songs like “Extra Appendages” can be very melodic, only to be followed by the song “The Frightened One,” which brings a heavier side to their music, using intense and deep riffs. I also enjoy the talent behind the solos in the song “Pompeii,” which happens to be my personal favorite song on the album.

I Was Awake - I Was Awake

Paradis and Bouchard are a perfect complement to the sounds of both guitarists. I love the groove that both provide, which I feel not only provides the necessary touches required by rock music, but helps lay the groundwork for the remainder of the band to work with. The song “Plastic Wrap and Tape” shows the drum work and bass guitar at their finest, providing some of the best moments of complex drumbeats and bass lines on the album.

My favorite thing about this album is Harvey’s vocals, which I believe steal the show. Similar to Joey Eppard from the band 3,Harvey shines in the songs “Pompeii” and “Plastic Wrap and Tape.” With excellent control and range in the songs, I love the strength that he provides in this album, developing that added vigor into the songs.

I Was Awake is said to be a result of experienced musicians trying to create a new and eclectic sound. I feel they have succeeded in their goals of providing an interesting listening experience. I love to hear what this band has developed, and am interested in finding out where this band is going. I highly recommend this album for those who like an interesting combination of different styles of rock, and for those who like bands like 3, Coheed and Cambria, Staind, and Circa Survive. Please support this band by visiting their Bandcamp page, where you can get a free listen of this album. I Was Awake also has an additional EP on their page called “Revenants,” which I also highly recommend giving a listen.

Please enjoy a complimentary listen of “I Was Awake” from Bandcamp below:


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