Album Review: Cailyn – Voyager

Being on the constant search for new music, I have found myself finding some creative artists and bands across many genres of rock. This next artist I found on Twitter as I was randomly searching for new progressive rock music. When I found her Bandcamp page, I was immediately drawn into her music. The artist I’m referring to is Cailyn Lloyd, whose band is simply called Cailyn.

Residing in Wisconsin, Cailyn is a multi-instrumentalist with experience in progressive rock, blues, and classical music. In addition are several talented session musicians that round out the percussion and symphonic sound. A highly accredited musician, she has released three albums over the last several years, and performs the majority of instruments on the tracks. Her most recent release, “Voyager,” is easily one of the most unique and creative albums I have heard in a while, and excites my inner nerd.

Although this album does not contain any lyrics, “Voyager” follows an obvious theme: the American space program. In a way, this album actually follows two separate concepts, one being a reinterpretation of Gustav Holst’s “The Planets,” along with original composition surrounding the journey of the Voyager satellites. Each track is creatively titled after a planet or moon visited by the Voyager program. Included with each track are shortened summaries containing the significance of each planet and moon to the overall album and space program. It is difficult to summarize the concept further beyond what I have said due to its complexity, but I highly suggest you read the “info” tab to each song and read how each song correlates to the overall album. If you love understanding concept albums, then it is a must.

For those who are looking for a more audible experience, “Voyager” is a great album to play and close your eyes to. Each song has its own vibe, helping the listener to imagine themselves in a satellite as stars and planets pass by you. Harder songs accompany harsh astrological conditions, while softer songs bring a sense of mystery and wonder. One of my favorite songs is “Miranda,” a fast-paced, solo-laden, and keyboard-backed song that perfectly describes one of the Uranium moons known for its geological activity and seemingly-random construction. Another favorite is “Pale Blue Dot,” based on the famous photograph taken by Voyager I. With the mix of progressive guitar techniques and classical instruments, “Pale Blue Dot” summarizes the human experience, which is beautifully expressed through a quote written by Dr. Carl Sagan on the info tab. Please read this quote here, for it will help you understand our relevance in the world and how we must have compassion for one another.

cailyn voyager
Photo by Cailyn (Facebook)

This album is truly an interesting listen. I do not know many albums that are able to capture the idea of space travel as well as Cailyn has in “Voyager.” I highly recommend this album to those who are fans of progressive rock, blues guitar, and even classical music. For those who are interested in space themed albums like this one, I can also suggest “The Man Left in Space” by Cosmograf and the “Cygnus X-1” songs by Rush. Please support Cailyn by visiting her Bandcamp and Facebook page, listening to her music, and even learning a little astronomy while you’re at it.

cailynvoyagercoverPurchase “Voyager” by Cailyn by clicking the album cover above!


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