thomas giles modern noise

Album Review: Thomas Giles – Modern Noise

In anticipation of Between the Buried And Me’s newest album to be released in July (and one that will surely be mentioned on my blog), I have been playing just about anything relating to the band. In doing this, I have been searching the internet for more material, which resulted in finding a new album that I didn’t know existed. I was more than excited to hit play on Thomas Giles’ new album, and was not disappointed.

For those of you who don’t know, Thomas Giles Rogers is the singer of the North Carolinian progressive metal band. An extremely talented musician, Rogers takes care of the vocals, guitar, and programming on the album with pure flawlessness. Enlisting the help of BTBAM’s former drummer Will Goodyear and current guitarist Paul Waggoner on the song “I Appear Disappear,” Rogers lays the landscape for another beautiful rock album. Drifting between progressive, electronic, and experimental rock, his 2014 release “Modern Noise” is the perfect addition to any rock music fanatic’s playlist.

Unlike his prior album “Pulse,” his newest album “Modern Noise” feels much more complete, more mature, and more thought out. Although each track on this 45 minute album is completely separate from the others, I feel like this album is more cohesive than its predecessor, and doesn’t feel like just a collection of songs. The album demonstrates the growth Rogers has made over the past few years, and the talent he has gained along the way. The incredible production quality provided by Jamie King borders perfection of the likes of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The crisp sound of “Modern Noise” is an improvement from Rogers’ last album, and is easily an album that I recommend the listener hear through high-quality headphones. If you don’t have any, I recommend you go out and by one simply to hear this album.

When first listening to “Modern Noise,” I was expecting the album to start off with a bang, featuring Rogers’ signature screams and growls. I was instead  treated with a light instrumental track reminiscent of “The Great Misdirect” meets Radiohead. What might be a turn off for many hardcore followers of his main band, I ended up approving the fact that there is not a single growl on this album, since I don’t feel it would have made the album any better than it already is. With the combination of clean vocals, heavy and clean guitar, and impacting drums, I do feel that almost every song off this album is a home run, since Rogers adequately displays the range of sound he can play.

Tommy Giles Rogers
Photo by Metal Observer

Seriously, the first five tracks alone drastically change in influence from one to the next. Juxtaposed to each other, they might sound a little random to the listener, but Rogers is able to transition between the songs flawlessly. From the slower Radiohead-like intro “Wise and Silent,” to the catchy Circa Survive sounding “Mutilated World,” to the Nine Inch Nails meets Rob Zombie influenced “Siphon the Bad Blood,” to the slower Mars Volta/Pink Floyd sounding “I Appear Disappear,” to the downright jazzy, Frank Sinatra-esque “Blueberry Queen,” this album has a little of everything. My two favorite tracks off this album are “M3” and “Lkcvjchljbvj=D*nnnjmkjijm” (I know, right?). Both of these tracks I feel are the album’s strongest, and are basically the hardest and slowest tracks on the album respectively. The album closes with the title track, a slow, downbeat rhythm that spikes at the last minute to satisfy the listener. Rogers’ instrumentation and direction are vivid, passing off all the styles used on this album genuinely.

Providing an avenue for a band member to experiment on his own side project, Rogers has completely excelled in his album “Modern Noise.” If you’re fans of something a little more experimental, or something with higher production quality, I recommend this album. With sounds similar to Rogers’ own band Between the Buried and Me, Nine Inch Nails, Tides of Man, Haken, Just Like Vinyl, and Lunatic Soul, it’s hard to find a rock music fanatic who won’t like this album. Please support this album by purchasing it through iTunes, and by following Thomas Giles on his website and on Twitter.

And to Thomas: Until I see you in July, I’ll just have to keep repeating this amazing album.

thomas giles modern noisePurchase “Modern Noise” by Thomas Giles by clicking the album cover above!


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