Welcome to Crash and Ride Music!

Dear readers,

Some of you long time readers may have noticed a change on this site. After much time and effort, I decided to rebrand myself in hopes to extend my influence. So let me be the first to welcome you to Crash and Ride Music!

For those unfamiliar with a drum set, the crash and ride cymbals are two important components for any drummer. Generating two different tones and volumes, one could not add the stylistic details that go with any song without these two cymbals. On this site, Crash symbolizes the harder rock and metal bands mentioned on this site, while Ride symbolizes the softer artists and side projects.

Crash and Ride Music is the go-to place for album and concert reviews. Ranging from rock, to metal, to indie, and all the subgenres in between, you can find recommendations and critiques of an assortment of albums, bands, and concerts. Follow me as I share an opinion from the latest releases to the classics.

Since I’m still in the infant stage of the rebranding process, I appreciate any support you can give! Whether it is by joining my email list, or sharing my latest posts to friends and followers, or suggesting some amazing bands, Crash and Ride Music is thankful for your help. None of this could be done without the support of you, the readers of this site. It is because of you that I am able to expand in such a way.

I hope I have helped you all out along the way, whether it is through suggesting new albums or rekindling a love for a band long forgotten. I hope I can continue to inspire you to support the best music has to offer.

Thank you all! You are all truly appreciated.

Kenny, Crash and Ride Music


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