Single Review: City and Colour – Woman

One of my wife’s favorite bands released a new single on Friday. After many mysterious clips appearing on his site and other social networking accounts, Dallas Green of City and Colour finally revealed what all the commotion was about. His latest song “Woman” excited his fan base, and leaves us all anticipating what is next.

“Woman” is a surprisingly long track, clocking in at over 9 minutes long. Another particularly long single to be released recently, I enjoyed every moment of it. Off the top of my head, I don’t believe City and Colour has released any track that long before, so it came as a total surprise for me upon my first listen. It only took the ambient opening to be surprised once again. The first time my wife showed me this song, my first reaction was “is this City and Colour? Are you sure it isn’t old Mars Volta?” Leaning towards a more progressive and shoegaze sound, “Woman” contains some spacey guitar effects riddled with wah, overdrive, and phaser pedals. The simple but passionate drumming builds as the song progresses, providing a groove that easily heightens the movement of the guitar. The overall direction of the band helps the listener to feel the emotion of each instrument, tugging at our heartstrings throughout.

It’s soft introduction slowly builds to its climax half way through the song, which contains an elegant guitar solo reminiscent of garage bands like The Dead Weather, Mogwai, the Mars Volta, and even moments of Pink Floyd. I really love the effects added to the majority of the instruments, providing some of the most unique sounds they’ve ever used. The song falls again before it rises in its final moments. A vibrant song, I believe after only a few listens that “Woman” could possibly be one of the best songs City and Colour has made.

city and colour Woman
Photo by Punktastic

Despite how great the song is, my only gripe is how repetitive the lyrics are. Although effective, they border on boring by the song’s end. It could be the overuse of the word “woman,” or it could be the simple repetition of the song’s verse over and over. Nevertheless, the listener can feel the pain in Green’s voice as he calls out to the woman he loves. I enjoy Green’s vocal style, a slightly higher pitch with the ability to rise and dive at his heart’s desire. I couldn’t imagine anyone else singing this song better.

City and Colour’s “Woman” has a lasting impression on me, and hopefully will on you too. After hearing this song, I am curious as to the direction Dallas Green will take his band. Will they continue in their bluesy, acoustic sound, or will they evolve to this nostalgic, progressive sound? The progressive rock fan in me hopes for the latter, but I am sure fans of City and Colour won’t mind whatever they release in the future. As long as they continually churn out high quality material, that’s all that matters in the end, right?

Check out the official video of City and Colour’s “Woman” below:


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