Single Review: Arcane Roots – If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves

Yesterday, I received some amazing news that Arcane Roots has released its first single off their upcoming EP “Heaven & Earth.” Titled “If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves,” the song contains what fans have been craving since 2013: bone crushing riffs, passionate vocals, and heavy drum lines.

At roughly five minutes long, the song structure and tempo is what stood out the most to me upon my first listen. Containing some amazing breakdowns and buildups, Andrew Groves provides amazing work on the guitar. Shifting between soft and hard, the audience is dragged along for the ride. There are plenty of head banging moments, especially in the song’s bridge section and towards the end. I love to hear when drums go into half time, utilizing the bass pedal more than the rest of the set. The harsh bridge section is juxtapositioned against a calmer second bridge before the song’s final chorus.

I can definitely feel the pain in the vocals and lyrics. The chorus grabs the listener and shakes them to their core, reminding me of jilted lovers and the pain one suffers in a poisonous relationship:

“All of my life I have watched this moment, go right through the door / So don’t you save a single breath, for me when I’m gone / Cause there will be no lungs inside my chest, and nothing inside of my heart”

If this is how the EP opens, I can only imagine how great the rest of the album will be. With such a powerful track, I look forward to the passion behind the rest of the album. I only wish that Arcane Roots wrote enough material for a full LP, since two of their three albums they have released in their short careers have been EPs. Hopefully the success of this album will launch them further into the spotlight and generate the ability for them to create their masterpiece.

Due to copyright issues, we here in the United States are unable to check out their music video. Instead, you can check out the song off of Upset Magazine, or you can check out the single “If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves” below:


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