Single Review: Silversun Pickups – Nightlight

After far too long, Silversun Pickups stepped out of the dark and announced a new album is due out in September called “Better Nature.” Arriving in September, the indie quartet will release their long awaited follow up to “Neck of the Woods,” an album that explored new ground, focusing on a more mainstream direction and leaving behind that undeniably “SSPU” sound.

Just yesterday, the music video (or should I say mini-movie) for the first single “Nightlight” was released. Featuring a production crew more sophisticated than most music video sets, the viewer is in for a treat. An attention grabbing intro, a monologue of regret, a femme fatale; the music video feels straight from Hollywood. I applaud the high quality of showmanship from the band and its director, with a visual and audible display unlike anything else.

And the song itself? I feel Silversun Pickups has returned to that classic sound, something that I have been wishing for. As much of a task it was for me to appreciate “Neck of the Woods,” I will say I am more eager for this sonic revisiting. The warm and bright drum patterns by Christopher Guanlao have always been a favorite of mine from this band, and I feel they are more present in this single than in their entire last album. The snare-heavy cracks take over the song, leaving nothing for the listener to do but dance around the room.

Nikki Monninger’s deep bass lines start “Nightlight” off and run through the entire song. Another aspect I missed about “Neck of the Woods” was the lack of attention given to her, but with such a vibrant display in this song, it gives me hope for the album. Vocalist Brian Aubert’s falsetto vocals highlight the track, perfectly complementing the eeriness of the video. The gentle keyboards of Joe Lester spike at moments to accentuate Aubert’s vocals, but overall the track is more stripped down to the drums and guitars.

It’s a great first look at the album, and hopefully teases a return to that classic Silversun sound. I look forward to their album “Better Nature,” due to be released in September.

Check out the official music video for “Nightlight”:


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