Single Review: Lydia – Past Life

As I was clocking out of work for the weekend, I heard news that indie rock band Lydia will be releasing their newest album “Run Wild” in September. To coincide this news was the release of their first single “Past Life,” a three minute pop/indie rock taste of what should be an amazing album.

I immediately felt that song was much different than anything off their previous release “Devil.” The heavier drum beats and the tremelo picking during the song’s chorus make the song sound harder than anything they’ve released. These sentiments are confirmed with singer Leighton Antelman describing the album as a “little darker” than their last album. At the same time, the inclusion of orchestra instruments throughout bring a side of Lydia we’ve never heard before. The final few moments introduce a new technique of keyboards and sound manipulation that also hasn’t appeared in previous records, showing of the experimentation and adaptability of having two producers working on this album. And, as always, Leighton’s delivery is so personable, reminding me of a story teller or a narrator.

I enjoyed the song, which reminded me of being influenced by their earlier work. I look forward to this album’s release, and am interested in seeing how dark Lydia will take this album.

Check out the single “Past Life” below:


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