luna kiss gravity

Album Review: Luna Kiss – Gravity

Wednesdays have been my day off from the site lately, but I felt the need to share this next band. It may take a while for me to get around to some music submissions to my site, but it does not mean I appreciate them any less. Case in point: Luna Kiss, a rock band from the UK. A few weeks ago, they released their EP “Gravity,” a fifteen minute album full of raw emotion.

It’s hard to categorize this band into one genre. Without sounding too mainstream, their sound contains the deep tones of alternative rock, but also the clean nature of indie rock. To further add elements of progressive rock seems implausible, but these gentlemen push beyond the standards set by the genre. With influences ranging from Pink Floyd, to The Mars Volta, to Mogwai, it is hard to imagine such an album. Despite the polar opposites of sound colliding in this album, one cannot deny that Luna Kiss make it work. Knowing that the band consists of the young musicians Chris Butler on guitar, Wil Russell on vocals/guitar, James Pedley on drums, and Ross Morris on bass guitar, I cannot help but applaud their direction and discipline. Considering the mature sound and amazing production quality, the listener is immediately drawn in with their opening title track. The delicate clean guitar in the song’s verses quickly shifts into a distorted chorus, full of vigor and anger. I especially love the presence of the bass guitar between the guitar chords of the chorus and throughout the bridge section, adding an extra punch of sound into the speakers.

luna kiss
Photo by Luna Kiss (Facebook)

The second song “Hart” reminds me of a Jeff Buckley B-side track. The clean rhythm guitar perfectly complements Wil Russell’s vocals, whose range and style are always intriguing. Again with the next song “Close,” Wil provides so much passion in his upper-register voice, using techniques that remind the listener of someone crying for help. As the music video for the song “Gravity” suggests, his voice comes across as very dramatic, almost like it belongs in a great play on a grand stage. Wil can also reel it in with a softer, mellower delivery, especially during the verses of the final track “Monochrome.” Probably my favorite track of the album, “Monochrome” is a very eerie and sad track, with its minor notes, inclusion of orchestra instruments, and dark lyrics (“this is no place for blood, flesh or bone / this cold is a curtain that I’ll first know home”). It is also the simplest track, comprising mostly of vocals and rhythm guitar until you notice the drums joining a minute in. The track and album concludes with an overdriven outro and simple effect-driven solos.

For fans of bands like City and Colour, Arcane Roots, and The Moth & The Flame, Luna Kiss “Gravity” should definitely be the next album you listen to. The only complaint I foresee in recommending this album is its length, and I agree. Four songs and 15 minutes isn’t much, but it’s a great taste of what these men can do. I look forward to their next full album, and hope it follows the same pattern set by “Gravity.” You can support Luna Kiss by visiting their website, or by following them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

luna kiss gravityPurchase “Gravity” by Luna Kiss by clicking the album cover above!


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