Top 5: Best Coheed and Cambria Songs

Behold, the birth of a new segment on the website.

Crash And Ride Music is going to introduce occasional Top 5 segments in hopes that we will rattle some cages and hear your opinions of some of my favorite songs. Or maybe your opinions will match our own. 

Coheed and Cambria is a band that has evolved so much over the span of their careers. It’s kind of hard to pick which of their many songs is best. Some listeners might like their more radio-friendly hits, and others might like the longer epics. Nonetheless, C&RM has attempted to pin down those noteworthy songs and determine which are the best.

Without further ado, C&RM’s Top 5 Best Coheed and Cambria songs:

5. “Key Entity Extraction I: Domino the Destitute”

The first epic off their double album “The Afterman,” “Domino” is inspired by the loss of their former bassist Mic Todd. You can feel the anger and resentment towards him in this song. 

4. “Time Consumer”

The first non-instrumental track on “Second Stage,” I believe it is the most passionate song on that album. 

3. “Welcome Home”

Come on, it’s one of the most well known songs they’ve ever released!

2. “In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3”

The fourth opening track on list, I imagine most people will have this at number one. On a related note, Coheed really knows how to start an album off. 

1. “The Willing Well: V – The Final Cut”

If you’ve ever been to a live Coheed concert when promoting the album “The Final Cut” is on, then you know what I’m talking about. The video above is proof. 

So there you go, the Top 5 Coheed and Cambria songs. Do you agree? What is YOUR top 5?


5 thoughts on “Top 5: Best Coheed and Cambria Songs

  1. 1. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
    2. Time Consumer

    3. The Light and the Glass

    4. The Willing Well III: The Telling Truth

    5. Gravity’s Union

    Edit: Not that anyone cares, most likely but I’m bored, so I’ll defend my list.

    Gravity’s Union has to make the list because of the significance to the story, but also the significance of the band (this is the kind of shit Josh Eppard was born for) and because of how fucking hard that song hits. I absolutely adored the Afterman albums, but this song was the first time when I felt “This some good old fashioned Coheed in your face crescendo with some of the best vocals on an album to date”. It is most definitely my favorite from the Afterman albums.

    The Willing Well III is the peak of the Willing Well tracks. It is a hell of a continuation of The Writing Writer I and it has one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard in any song. It flashes back on two of their older songs at the same time. The poppy melody of Blood Summer meets the lyrics of Everything Evil. (This part gets bonus points because my name is Jesse and they say it like a thousand times) This was one of the most mind blowing parts of the album in my opinion.

    The Light and the Glass rounds out (kind of) IKSSE:3, my favorite album. The beginning is beautiful. And the lyrical value of this song is so strong. Everything about it gives me goosebumps. The end is and incredible release of emotion that is only rivaled by a few of their songs. The famous acoustic version at the Starland Ballroom may give me some bias. That’s one of my favorite performances of any song ever. Also, the demo version is incredible. It’s just a fantastic fucking song.

    Time Consumer was the first song I heard. I was 10 years old and just really getting into music. I never had a song or band catch my attention so fast. I feel like this song not only sets the tone for Second Stage Turbine Blade, but for the entire band. God damnit there’s just something about this song that is indescribable. It’s so good.

    My obvious choice for number 1 has to be IKSSE:3. This is definitely their most epic piece and maybe one of the most epic songs to ever have been written, especially in this era. The lyrics are insane. They’re just crazy. I remember being 12 and showing my friends and they would look horrified when I was all “CUT THE THROATS OF BABIES”. And the ending. Ffffuuuuuuck. I’m getting chills just thinking about it. Being a part of the chanting at their shows during this song is a feeling that has never been replicated. I feel like I’m going to war with the people around me. Who feel like their going to war with everyone there. And we will follow Coheed and Cambria into whatever battle we can. Hearing thousands of people yell “MAN YOUR OWN JACKHAMMER” is an unforgettable experience. This song defines Coheed, in my opinion. And what a fucking definition it is.

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  2. Hmm tough choice. I don’t know if I could pick 5 since it’d change every day.

    I’ll go for:

    1. The Afterman
    2. ‘The Writing Writer
    3. No World For Tommorow
    4. A Favour House Atlantic
    5. World Of Lines

    but its sooo hard to pick.

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