Top 5: Best Songs from The Dear Hunter’s “Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise”

As I was conjuring up a list of my favorite songs from anything written by The Dear Hunter, I realized all but a few were from their latest album “Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise.”

There’s something about their latest album that stands out so much to me. In feel such a greater connection, allowing the symphonic highs to take over my emotions. I decided to simplify my Top 5 list, instead listing off my favorite songs from the album. 

So here you go: Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5 Best Songs from The Dear Hunter’s “Act IV”:

5. “Is There Anybody Here?”

I feel this song belongs on here simply because of Casey’s vocal performance. You can definitely hear the improvement and confidence in his voice from older albums. 

4. “The Squeaky Wheel”

An uplifting track, I really enjoyed the presence of the piano throughout. 

3. “A Night On The Town”

The album’s first single, I love the change between the song’s verse, chorus and bridge sections. A perfect blend of old and new influences. 

2. “King of Swords (Reversed)”

What’s there to say about this song? It’s unlike anything you’ve heard from The Dear Hunter, and that’s why I like it. Keep in mind: a whole album with songs like this would be overkill. 

1. “Waves”

I’m sure some of you thought the last song would be here, but this song is definitely my favorite. With every listen, I feel the peril of the main character as their ship is sinking. But these lyrics always give me goosebumps:

“Yet I’m praying that these waters don’t take me / Cause I can see the lighthouse”

So there you have it, C&R’s Top 5. What songs off the album are in your Top 5?


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