Single Review: Prehistoric Animals – One Day Came A Ghost

Swedish alternative metal band Prehistoric Animals released their first single last month called “One Day Came A Ghost”. This duo has created a fantastic debut single with great production value, and an interesting mix between heavier, metal pieces with poppy, airy vocals and synthesizers. With influences from bands like Porcupine Tree, Mew, Muse, and Katatonia, I can definitely feel the direction the band is attempting with their music.

Much of the six minute track is backed throughout by synthesizers and keyboards, but also contains some great guitar and drum work. The chorus features a catchy, distorted rhythm guitar section, while the bridge section switches between a clean and dirty guitar solo. The drum beats are consistent, focusing on the multiple cymbals on the set. The vocals are also very pleasing, and delivery with much passion and precision. I especially enjoyed the synth-heavy outro to the song, giving a spacey vibe to the track.

Overall, it’s well worth a listen. Please support Prehistoric Animals by checking out their music video below, and by following them on Facebook for band updates. They are currently finishing up another single, hoping to release it in the next few weeks. Stick around!


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