Single Review: Moon – Sidewinder

I received an interesting submission to the site the other day, being the first single of Australian post-rock/progressive rock band Moon. With their first album “The Orbitor” slated for an early 2016 release date, Moon decided to release their first song “Sidewinder” a few days ago, the epitome of a teaser.

“Sidewinder” is a four minute instrumental song depicting images and videos of objects in motion, whether it’s the running of a cheetah to the dropping of bombs. An ambitious song, I can definitely hear moments of various influences, from the progginess of Porcupine Tree to the heaviness of The Foo Fighters. I especially enjoyed the freestyle drum solo towards the end of the track, something I haven’t heard in a while.

Overall, I enjoyed the little bit Moon has given me with “Sidewinder.” Although I know hardly anything about the band (including who is in the band), I look forward to what the album as a whole will sound like. Compared to bands like sleepmakeswaves, Mogwai, and Black Sabbath on their site, one can expect short bursts of powerful three to four minute songs using this same formula. You can be sure that I will update you all about “The Orbitor” as more information is released.

Be sure to check out their website and follow them on Facebook for upcoming news.

Check out the official music video of the son “Sidewinder” below:


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