Album Review: Arcane Roots – Heaven & Earth

Three amazing bands released albums this past Friday, two of them being connected in sorts. Having opened for Coheed and Cambria in the past, English mathcore/alternative rockers Arcane Roots released their newest EP “Heaven & Earth,” not to be confused with Yes’ latest release of the same name. Their first album in two years, I was underwhelmed learning that the band would release only an EP instead of a full length album. But lasting over thirty minutes in length, I cannot complain with the result, a massive sounding album paving the way for bigger and better things. I’m predicting “Heaven & Earth” is only the beginning of an international presence for these guys.

Starting off with their passionate single “If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves,” the listener is instantly driven by the ferocious guitar riffs, passionate screams and clean vocals, and the deafening crashes of the cymbals. It’s a great song to kick off an album, containing both high and low moments to show their musical range. The follow-up track “When Did The Taste Leave Your Mouth” shows Arcane Roots at its most melodic and accessible. Slower than most of the tracks on this album, singer Andrew Groves shines with his mid-to-upper register vocals. The song concludes with a softer guitar passage, leading towards another softer introduction in “Leaving.”

arcane roots
Photo by Bodega Nottingham

Of all the alternative rock bands I’ve listened to, I feel Arcane Roots are one of the most skilled in blending heavier and softer sections within songs. Reminding me of tracks like “Belief” off “Blood and Chemistry,” I enjoyed hearing the downbeat clean guitar arrangements next to the wailing vocals and harder riffs. Groves’ vocals are so perfectly captured within each song, I feel the same angst and fury he delivers. Another softer outro leads into “Slow Dance,” one of my personal favorite songs. With subtle beginnings, the song slowly rises until its chorus and bridge, where the entire band is unleashed. With soaring rhythms and fret-tapping leads, the listener will definitely have a hard time staying still. The album closes with “Vows & Ceremony,” the album’s “longest” track (Spoiler alert: There’s a secret song). The vocal delivery is so moving, accompanied by powerful lyrics and poetry. As the album closes, the listener will be left completely satisfied, anticipating the next listen.

After hearing “Heaven & Earth” by Arcane Roots, I had to remind myself that this was a band that had only released one EP and one LP prior. With such a massive sound and memorable passages, I am thoroughly impressed with the direction of the band. Without curtailing their vigor, yet not pandering to a radio friendly crowd, Arcane Roots is able to compromise in a way that will only help them. As Arcane Roots continues to expand upon their sound and build upon an impressive discography, I look forward to seeing what’s next for them. Please support these guys by following them on Facebook and Twitter for band updates. They are currently touring Europe in support of this album, which I would suggest seeing before they become a nightly sell-out in the near future.

arcane roots heaven and earth

Purchase “Heaven & Earth” by Arcane Roots by clicking the album cover above!

Check out the official music video for the song “If Nothing Moves, Nothing Breaks”:


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