Concert Preview: Coheed and Cambria

With only a few dates left before their official tour supporting their latest album “The Color Before The Sun,” prog rockers Coheed and Cambria will be playing at The Observatory – North Park in San Diego this Thursday.

My second concert at The Observatory this year, I mentioned in a previous post how easily I was able to stand in the front row. With a nice little barricade separating me from hundreds of moshers, The Observatory is a great venue to view any concert. Whether up close and center, or farther back in designated mosh-free standing areas, any concert-goer will enjoy their time here. Although the music will not be as heavy as last time, I will again watch myself against the infamously harsh security staff, hoping to evade their wandering eyes.

I plan on making the most of this night because this concert in particular will be special moment for me. Why is that? It’s because this will be my TENTH time seeing Coheed and Cambria live! Having seen them in venues large (San Diego Sports Arena), medium (House of Blues) and small (Soma San Diego), I have seen my fair share of setlists, interacted with many Coheed fans, and have had my toes stepped on repeatedly. How will this concert differ than prior concerts? Crash And Ride Music will be there to share their experiences, and will report live via social media.

In their twelve years together, Coheed and Cambria have released eight albums, seven of them following an elaborate concept-turned-comic book series called The Amory Wars. Consisting of Claudio Sanchez on vocals/guitar, Travis Stever on guitar/vocals, Josh Eppard on drums, and Zach Cooper on bass, Coheed and Cambria have explored their sound over the years, ranging from progressive rock, to pop-punk, to metal. With their most recent album “The Color Before The Sun” being the first album to not follow The Amory Wars story arch, Claudio Sanchez and company have opted to share the most personal of experiences, from moving away, to the birth of children, and accepting where they are in their lives. It is by far a collection of their most personal and direct songs they’ve ever released. Touring with them are Thank You Scientist and Silver Snakes.

Tickets: Ticketweb

When: Thursday, October 29th, 2015 Doors: 7:30pm

Where: The Observatory North Park
2891 University Avenue, San Diego, CA

Cost: $35


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