Album Review: All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This – Part I: Shape The World

Crash And Ride Music might have been given the most ambitious music submission in recent memory. A project entitled “A Life Among Others” by the band All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This, this Swedish alternative rock band has started this ten-part project with its first EP “Part I: Shape The World,” which will include music, art, literature, and videos produced by Ladysnow Society. All I can say is holy cow!

Their first EP “Part I: Shape The World” (along with all forthcoming albums from ATTYBWFT) consists of an intro, a single, an alternative version, and an outro. Following a concept of a man’s life, his travels, happiness, and despair, the themes involved in the project help to describe the lives we all live. Having gone through different trials, tribulations, and experiences, we all have our own story to tell, yet billions of others will never have the opportunity to understand. With such a deep and thoughtful concept, I look forward to the media that will be released alongside this great project.

As for the music itself, it’s really refreshing. More alternative and indie than anything, the first song “The Earth” sets the scene. With loud drum beats next to soft pianos and guitar rhythms, I enjoyed the contrasting volumes. The heaviness picks up halfway through the song with overdriven guitars, but the feeling has already been fixed. The listener then experiences “Shape The World. The Heavens And The Earth,” an ode to enjoying one’s life. Following the same beat and tempo of the previous song, one can hear the same rhythm and progression throughout the song, let alone the EP. This is my only criticism, since I literally feel like I’m listening to the same song four times, the closing track “The Heavens” being a piano-only outro to the single using the same chord progressions. Despite the sameness, though, the songs are well written. The vocals remind me of Muse’s Matthew Bellamy, and the instrumentation is reminiscent of bands like Death Cab for Cutie mixed with Modest Mouse. I especially enjoy the symphonic instruments in the single, and the option to hear a more acoustic version of the song (although I do like the original version better).

Being the first piece of the larger puzzle that will be “A Life Among Others,” I look forward to seeing how this project evolves. Knowing that so much more will follow “Part I: Shape The World,” I eagerly await the next release by All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This. Please support this band by checking out their website, and by following them on Facebook for band updates.

All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This coverPreview and purchase “Part I: Shape The World” by All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This by clicking the album cover above!


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