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Top 5: Best Dream Theater Albums

Boston’s own Dream Theater are considered one of the most influential prog metal bands of this generation. Containing an all star lineup of extremely talented musicians, Dream Theater has released twelve studio albums over the past 30 years, and will be releasing their newest album “The Astonishing” early next year. What albums does Crash And Ride Music believe rise to the top and make up our Top 5?

Here are Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5 Best Dream Theater albums:

5. “Train of Thought”

dream theater train of thoughtPreview and purchase “Train Of Thought” by Dream Theater by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “This Dying Soul,” “Honor Thy Father,” “Stream of Consciousness”

4. “Awake”

dream theater awakePreview and purchase “Awake” by Dream Theater by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “6:00,” “Erotomania,” “The Mirror,” “Lifting Shadows Off A Dream,” “Space-Dye Vest”

3. “A Dramatic Turn Of Events”

dream theater a dramatic turn of eventsPreview and purchase “A Dramatic Turn Of Events” by Dream Theater by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “On The Backs Of Angels,” “Bridges In The Sky,” “Outcry,” “Breaking All Illusions”

2. “Octavarium”

dream theater octavariumPreview and purchase “Octavarium” by Dream Theater by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “The Root Of All Evil,” “Never Enough,” “Octavarium”

1. “Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory”

dream theater scenes from a memoryPreview and purchase “Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory” by Dream Theater by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “Strange Deja Vu,” “Beyond This Life,” “The Dance Of Eternity,” “The Spirit Carries On”

I have a feeling it’s a near-unanimous pick for best overall Dream Theater album with “Scenes From A Memory.” What’d you think of Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5? What albums are in YOUR Top 5? Sound off below!


13 thoughts on “Top 5: Best Dream Theater Albums

  1. 5. Systematic Chaos (First ever Dream Theater album I heard.
    4. Awake
    3. Dream Theater
    2. Train of Thought
    1. Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory.

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    • I’m with you there. I’m not sure which I’d put where but my top 5 are:
      Systematic (first album that I listened to, so it definitely belongs somewhere in there.)


  2. For all you die hard Dream Theater fans, there is not a top album or best album for these albums all have been uniquely composed to tickle and satisfy the musician or music inthusiest inside. For those who have paid attention, every album starting with Images and Words and finaling with Black Clouds and Silver Linings ,( the great Portnoy’s final album) all tell a story. Every album has a song that goes into the next album telling a final story with “The Shattered Fortress”. I own every album and have listened ,not heard, every one numerous times. The brilliance with Dream Theater is phenomenal. I have put myself in this band’s music so much that listening to them will bring out emotions on every album. I cried when Portnoy left because he was the heart and soul of this band. So for those of you that judge an album based on how hard it is or soft it is I have one thing to suggest, listen to them all and discover the true talent behind James, John, John M, Jordan and Mike. I cannot pick a very best album because every time I visit one of these albums, I am left in awe.


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