Top 5: Best Rush Albums

What is there to say about Rush? These Canadians are some of the most eccentric yet talented musicians in progressive rock. With a career lasting over forty years, and having released 20 albums over that span, Rush has completed what some have deemed their last major tour. Their discography has gone through so many changes in sounds and influences, ranking them is a difficult task. But leave it to Crash And Ride Music to share with you their greatest albums.

So here it is: Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5 Best Rush albums:

5. “Clockwork Angels”

clockwork angels rushPreview and purchase “Clockwork Angels” by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “Caravan,” “The Anarchist,” “The Wreckers,” “The Garden”

4. “Grace Under Pressure”

rush grace under pressure

Preview and purchase “Grace Under Pressure” by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “Distant Early Warning,” “Red Sector ‘A’,” “Kid Gloves,” “Red Lenses,” “Between The Wheels”

3. “Hemispheres”

rush hemispheres

Preview and purchase “Hemispheres” by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “Cygnus X-1 Book II,” “La Villa Stragiato”

2. “2112”

rush 2112Preview and purchase “2112” by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “2112,” “Something For Nothing”

1. “Moving Pictures”

rush moving picturesPreview and purchase “Moving Pictures” by clicking the album cover above!

Best songs: “Tom Sawyer,” “Red Barchetta,” “YYZ,” “Limelight”

There you have it: Crash And Ride’s Top 5. Did you agree with this list? Is there anyone who wanted to see some 90’s Rush make this list? What Rush albums make up YOUR Top 5?


6 thoughts on “Top 5: Best Rush Albums

  1. As you are aware Rush fans are fairly vocal in their love for this band, and any attempt to rank their albums is going to cause some…ahem, conversation. Other than Moving Pictures, of course, which is always going to be #1. The rest of my top 4 would be:
    #4. A Farewell To Kings
    #3. Permanent Waves
    #2. Hemispheres

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  2. I totally agree with ianbalentine, this post oughta create som comments on your site, alright! This is a strong list, I can’t argue with any of it. I did a full Rush series of everything I owned at the time, and I came away with an appreciation of the whole pile of it. I dunno if I could choose. Still, good on ya for giving it a go!

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