About Me

So, you may be asking yourself this important question: Who is the man behind Crash And Ride Music?

That person is me, Kenny. It’s a one man show around these parts. I’ve always been an aspiring musician that has never made it anywhere. Although I haven’t been able to succeed in the music industry, I will not let it stop me from devoting my time to music in general. Music is a passion of mine, and one that won’t die easily.

A little about myself: I’m a 27 year old, married man in San Diego, CA. My wife and I have a son named Wyatt, and are excited to welcome him to our musical life. We hope in the coming years, he’ll aspire to become a musician just like his dad, or to become as smart as his mom!

Now you might be asking yourselves: Why am I on this website? My goal with this site is to not only spread knowledge of some great albums, but also to promote other aspiring musicians. Having been in their shoes, I know how hard it is to make it in the music industry, so I feel it is my duty to give them a hand. I purposely try to keep my reviews short and sweet, without the extra fluff and elitism like other music websites. There’s no room for that here because I want to be your friend! I hope that you all will find some new music to listen to every week.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy. I post multiple times a week on the site, and continually update my social media accounts.

Thanks, and rock on!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Eyy, bruh! Just thought I’d come check out what kind of stuff you got goin on here since you commented on my review for Kamelot’s “Haven”. I’ve no idea how avid of a reader you are of my stuff, for all I know it was just the Kamelot review, but nonetheless I appreciate you checking it out.

    I’ll share out this blog. Cool place. Doesn’t waste time with reviews like Blabbermouth or those kinds of websites do. We got the same idea I think – talk about good albums. Don’t waste people’s time. Have fun while doing it.

    If you’re ever interested in cooperating together, share albums, or even work on something to benefit both our sites just shoot me an email and I’ll happily work with ya.

    Good luck with the website and best wishes to your wife and son. You’re a very lucky man. If you just want my email I’ll put it right below.

    Until next time
    – Kris

    headbanger_reviews [at]yahoo [dot]com

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    • Hey Kris.

      I actually just found out about your site this week because I was searching for Haven related news. I’ve read some of your articles, but am exploring more of your site each day. I’m glad you mentioned the whole “not wasting time” reviews because that was essentially my goal for this blog: deliver new music to new people without wasting too much of their time. Short and to the point. I always thought that might work against me, but I’m glad it’s not.

      I’d definitely like to collaborate on something in the future. I’ve actually been trying to do that with some other blogs, but it hasn’t panned out. Us music blogs need to stick together ya know?

      We’ll keep in touch. You can email me anytime on my contact page.

      Have a great weekend!

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