silent line shattered shores

Album Review: Silent Line – Shattered Shores

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago did I find and begin listening to Canadian melodic/symphonic death metal band Silent Line. Approached by Asher Media Relations, it took a few weeks before I had the chance to sit down with the album, along with completing my ritual of basic research. Having recently released their third album titled “Shattered Shores,” I was surprised to see the numerous mixed to negative reviews of their album. Citing a lack of direction and a poor vocal performance, I spent more time on “Shattered Shores” than typical. Why did I feel differently towards this album than most reviewers? What makes the album an enjoyable listening experience? Here lies my problem that I am still having difficulty solving even now.Read More »


Album Review: Ontologics – Drones From Home

Crash and Ride Music’s favorite prog-hop band Ontologics released their newest album recently called “Drones From Home.” As you can ascertain from the title, the album consists of several politically and socially charged songs, residing in the same spectrum as Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers. But readers of their last album review on this site know that Ontologics’ sound is far more than that. Drawing upon influences of progressive rock and jazz, “Drones From Home” again dazzles its listeners with its distinctive and fresh sound.Read More »

cosmograf capacitor

Album Review: Cosmograf – Capacitor

I know I’m over a year too late for this review, but there’s been an album in particular that I’ve been repeating for over a week. Having recently found out that progressive rock’s Cosmograf will be releasing an album soon, I felt it my duty to re-listen to their prior work. Being a fan of all their albums, there’s one in particular that I feel stands out from the rest, being his latest album “Capacitor.” Released earlier this year, “Capacitor” features several phenomenal guest musicians, performing technical yet catchy songs. If their next album follows the same blueprint used for “Capacitor,” then it will surely be another success.Read More »

Album Review: Mystery – Delusion Rain

There’s an album out in the world that I feel deserves more attention than it will ever get. Coming from Canada, Mystery released their latest album “Delusion Rain” last week, falling on the lighter side of progressive rock. Again being inspired by Notes Reviews to check this album out, I was familiar of the band’s last release “The World Is A Game,” but didn’t feel it warranted repeated listens. Not that the album was bad per se, it just wasn’t a memorable, noteworthy performance. I am predicting that their latest album “Delusion Rain,” though, will be an under-rated album, not only for the band but for the progressive music scene in general.Read More »

the seas give up the ghost

Album Review: The Seas – Give Up The Ghost

If you’re like me, you’ve been wishing that the Nine Inch Nails-Tool collaborative project called Tapeworm worked out. Imagine an industrial feel for some massive alternative metal riffs. We may never hear any of those alleged demoes never-to-be-released, but we can all imagine what those songs sounded like. Insert Kentucky industrial rock band The Seas, a quartet of amazing musicians unaffiliated with either of those bands, but have released what I can visualize that collaboration sounding like with their newest album “Give Up The Ghost” earlier this year. A more guitar-centered album than most industrial artists, we can all experience the conflicting feelings of tension and hope together as we play this album.Read More »