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Album Review: Our Oceans – Our Oceans

Are you ever surprised by an album from its opening note onward? It was in sheer amazement that I played Our Oceans debut self-titled album for the first time. Why you ask? When you take members of progressive metal bands Cynic and Exivious, and members of black metal bands like Dodecahedron, one doesn’t think to call such a collaboration “artsy,” “cheerful,” and “classy.” Their newest collaboration called Our Oceans is indeed artsy and lighthearted, filled with post-rock atmospheres, jazzy bass grooves, and alternative, clean guitar arrangements. No unrelenting blast drum beats, surprising time signature changes, or headache-inducing scream vocals to be found in this album, which honestly is quite refreshing. I believe you all will agree with me that Our Oceans is something special.Read More »


Interview: Nathan Kane and Paul Lierman of The Wise Man’s Fear/Whale Bones

Nathan Kane and Paul Lierman are two members of post-hardcore/metalcore band The Wise Man’s Fear, and founding members of indie/alternative rock band Whale Bones. Both bands have recently released their debut albums, being “Castle In The Clouds” (The Wise Man’s Fear) and “The Seaside EP” (Whale Bones). I had the chance to sit down with them via Skype and discuss their bands, influences, and future plans.

Note: The interview is edited for time and length constraints. I have posted a link to the full transcript at the bottom of the page.Read More »

Album Review: All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This – Part I: Shape The World

Crash And Ride Music might have been given the most ambitious music submission in recent memory. A project entitled “A Life Among Others” by the band All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This, this Swedish alternative rock band has started this ten-part project with its first EP “Part I: Shape The World,” which will include music, art, literature, and videos produced by Ladysnow Society. All I can say is holy cow!Read More »

Concert Review: Coheed and Cambria/Thank You Scientist/Silver Snakes

It took nearly ten years to accomplish a feat that had arrived Thursday night: It was my tenth time seeing my favorite band Coheed and Cambria. Ten long years of setlists, lineup changes, and manning our jackhammers, this was a huge moment for me. To think that this concert was centered around their latest album “The Color Before The Sun,” an album previously mentioned on this site as being very underwhelming and a complete change in sound from preceding albums, left me a little anxious. How reliant would Claudio Sanchez and company be on their latest album? Would they surprise everyone and play mainly older material? Regardless, my friend Traci (a fellow Coheed-fanatic) and I anticipated their set.Read More »

villainy dead sight

Album Review: Villainy – Dead Sight

New Zealand rock band Villainy have released their latest album “Dead Sight” last month, and thanks are in order to record label Collision Course, who have only added to my addiction to music from the Outback and its surrounding areas. Ranging in sound from rock, metal, and industrial, I couldn’t help but underestimate Villainy’s sound from their first single entitled “Syria.” Sounding somewhere between Finger Eleven and Our Lady Peace, I was expecting an album full of radio-friendly rock and metal tunes. To my surprise, “Dead Sight” packs one hell of a punch, one that I deserved for my preconceived opinions. Sure, it’s an accessible album for anyone who listens to rock music in general, but varying rhythms and sounds help make this album more than just stereotypical “radio rock.”Read More »

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Album Review: Mylets – Arizona

Being blown away at his live performance a few weeks back, it is necessary that Mylets’ latest album “Arizona” is mentioned on this site. Opening for And So I Watch You From Afar at the Casbah, Sargent House band Mylets is Henry Kohen, vocalist, guitarist, and master looper. A kid under 21 years of age from Indiana, any listener of his work will leave their jaws on the floor when listening to the dexterous “Arizona.”Read More »