Album Review: Riverside – Love, Fear, and the Time Machine

Album two of the massive release day that occurred last Friday. In a way, I kind of enjoy that the official release date for music is now on a Friday instead of a Tuesday. It gives me an entire weekend to soak in the entire depth and scope of each newly released album. I had the chance to do just that last weekend, focusing much of my energy on Riverside’s latest album “Love, Fear, and the Time Machine.” Having listened to their single a few weeks ago, I was more than ready to listen to the rest of this album.Read More »


Single Review: Riverside – Discard Your Fear

Another single was released last week that I wanted to share with my readers. It comes from a band that I’ve yet to mention on my site, although I have mentioned the lead singer’s side project in the past. Polish progressive rock veterans Riverside introduced to the world their new single, “Discard Your Fear,” a hint of their much awaited album “Love, Fear, and the Time Machine,” which comes out later this year.

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Album Review: Muse – Drones

An album was released last month from a band that I had never really listened to before, but is a band that is recommended to me constantly. “Oh, you like the White Stripes? You’ll like them.” Or possibly “If you like Radiohead, you’ll definitely love these guys.” Over and over, I am told to listen to Muse. I might have heard their more popular songs like “Uprising” and “Madness” on the radio, but have never made the connection. With their latest album “Drones” released recently, I decided to let it be my first taste of them.

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Single Review: Coheed and Cambria – You Got Spirit, Kid

So I normally don’t do this, but today is a special occasion. I found out this morning that my favorite band Coheed and Cambria will release a new album in October called “The Color Before The Sun.” On top of that, they released the first single off their album, “You Got Spirit, Kid.” This is big news for those Children of the Fence like me, so I felt inclined to review this single, even though I have only reviewed whole albums in the past.

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Album Review: Breaking Benjamin – Dark Before Dawn

Alright everyone, I feel renewed and relaxed after taking a month hiatus. Having this constant craving to share what music I’ve found over the time, I decided to restart my blog again. Leaving off where I started, the main theme my blog this year so far is as follows:

2015 is one awesome year in music.

I cannot believe how many amazing albums I’ve found in the last six months. With a majority of them actually being released in 2015, I know I have my work cut out for me next January when I announce the nominees for the Second Annual Keno Awards. But I digress, there is one album in particular that was released last week that I cannot stop playing. Being one of the more popular rock bands to be featured on this blog, Breaking Benjamin has been on repeat in my head for the whole week.

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Album Review: Ned and the Dirt – Giants

Looking for local bands in the southern California area, I was able to find and interact with this next band through Twitter and Instagram. With such a massive personality, I was instantly hooked to this band and felt the need to listen to them. After several plays through their latest album, I couldn’t stop listening to them! With a sound different from most of my posts on this blog, Ned and the Dirt is a great change of pace for my readers.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Ned and the Dirt is Ned Durrett on vocals/guitar, Andrew Johnson on the guitar, and Chris Clark on bass guitar, featuring a rotating drummer. With a southern rock flavor, their sound resides in the indie rock and rock n’ roll genre. Being a band with such giant charisma and character, it is only fitting that their latest album is titled “Giants,” an album that any listener will instantly be hooked on because of the passionate and innovative sound from the start.

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