Album Review: Vly – I / (Time)

One trait that I do enjoy coming from newer progressive albums lately is its laid back, dreamy soundscapes. Incorporating techniques mastered by the likes of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and The Who, numerous bands attempt to emulate their heroes as effigies on a podium. With all the different progressive albums I’ve heard especially in the past year, I can say that some of them succeed in expanding upon that sound, while others do nothing more than copy/paste, replicating a skill already captured years ago. Luckily, the band Vly has perfected upon this sonic experience with the release of their first album “I / (Time).”Read More »

thomas giles modern noise

Album Review: Thomas Giles – Modern Noise

In anticipation of Between the Buried And Me’s newest album to be released in July (and one that will surely be mentioned on my blog), I have been playing just about anything relating to the band. In doing this, I have been searching the internet for more material, which resulted in finding a new album that I didn’t know existed. I was more than excited to hit play on Thomas Giles’ new album, and was not disappointed.

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north atlantic oscillation the third day

Album Review: North Atlantic Oscillation – The Third Day

Alright readers, let’s get back to some progressive rock. After listening and writing about indie rock music for the past week, I started to miss my favorite music genre. Searching the music label Kscope (Steven Wilson, Anathema, Katatonia), I started to look for other bands they have signed. In comes this next band, an unrecognized but ambitious band I immediately fell in love with. After only one listen, I couldn’t help but replay music from North Atlantic Oscillation.

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pure reason revolution the dark third

Album Review: Pure Reason Revolution – The Dark Third

How many times have you discovered a band, fell in love with them, and soon after found out that they have broken up? That’s happened to me many times, but most painfully with this next band. I felt unlucky that I was a few years too late to see this wonderful band live, and am pretty bummed that I will never have the chance ever again (Unless they do some type of reunion tour, which I’d gladly approve of). A band that spans over many genres from album to album, Pure Reason Revolution is a band I will sorely miss.Read More »

steven wilson hand cannot erase

Album Review: Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase.

The night sky is black. The clouds cover the moon. It’s 9:00 pm, and I race to my computer in anticipation of the big event of the week. To my excitement, his latest album is already available for download. A few minutes later, it’s sitting there on my laptop, enticing me, urging me, wanting to be listened. I can’t help myself; I have been waiting months for this release. After listening to the album, I unconsciously choose to repeat it. During this time, I contemplate how to describe what I feel about this amazing album. Now as the clock creeps towards midnight, I have finally finished this next post, an album review for a man I highly admire. For those of you who haven’t heard Steven Wilson, I suggest you take a seat and learn about this marvelous man.Read More »

white moth black butterfly one thousand wings

Album Review: White Moth Black Butterfly – One Thousand Wings

I’m in a side project kind of mood, so here’s another one for you guys. This next review comes from a side project I just recently found out about through Twitter. Originally from the band TesseracT, singer Daniel Tompkins has been doing work on the side for his project White Moth Black Butterfly. Residing in Nottinghamshire, UK, White Moth Black Butterfly is a collaboration between Daniel Tompkins and multi-instrumentalist Keshav Dhar, along with several contributing musicians. With sounds ranging from electronic, to classical, to soundscape, and even to pop, their only album “One Thousand Wings” is different than most albums featured on this blog.Read More »