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Album Review: Mylets – Arizona

Being blown away at his live performance a few weeks back, it is necessary that Mylets’ latest album “Arizona” is mentioned on this site. Opening for And So I Watch You From Afar at the Casbah, Sargent House band Mylets is Henry Kohen, vocalist, guitarist, and master looper. A kid under 21 years of age from Indiana, any listener of his work will leave their jaws on the floor when listening to the dexterous “Arizona.”Read More »


Single Review: Grus Paridae – Passes By

With only a few moments to spare during a busy weekend in Big Bear, I thought I’d share with you all a single submitted to the site weeks ago. Residing in Finland, progressive/art rock band Grus Paridae released their debut single “Passes By” last year. Consisting of two single tracks lasting a total of ten minutes, I was impressed with the overall quality of the band’s orchestrations, but felt differently about the band’s vocal performance.Read More »

Album Review: Quiet Child – The Ever Present Shadow

Progressive/alternative/experimental rock band Quiet Child released their sixth album a couple weeks ago, another contribution to the amazing progressive albums that have filled the airwaves in 2015. Their latest release “The Ever Present Shadow” adds some heaviness to their discography, something only lightly treaded on in previous albums. Following a theme of understanding and coping with anxiety, I can feel the frustration and confusion created with the album, whether through its moody guitar work, passionate vocals, or heavy drumming. If you’re looking for some evocative music, then “The Ever Present Shadow” should be sought after.Read More »

slaves routine breathing cover

Album Review: Slaves – Routine Breathing

I hate it when a band I like releases an album I don’t. Thus is the case with post-hardcore band Slaves’ latest album “Routine Breathing,” released last Friday. With all the drama that comes with inviting the band into your life (including their most recent episode with the Vans Warped Tour), emotions were heightened from both band and fan during their recent traumatic experience. After suffering through so much, Jonny Craig and company have bounced back and released their album early in appreciation of the support from their fans. If only they could have utilized that energy to generate a better album.Read More »

Album Review: Ontologics – Something to Needle Over

I had a musical experience occur to me recently. I was searching through Bandcamp last week, and an epiphany struck me like a lightning bolt. I noticed that the majority of what I have been finding and listening to have been bands that are independent, unsigned, or small-time artists. Despite the basically non-existent presence these bands have in relation to the entire music industry, I believe these artists and bands that I’ve been listening to are churning out higher quality, more thought-provoking, and simply more interesting albums. Because of this epiphany, I’ve decided that I want to give more attention to such bands, the ones that are out there making awesome music despite their status. I feel it is my duty to help these bands out in such a dog-eat-dog industry.

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thomas giles modern noise

Album Review: Thomas Giles – Modern Noise

In anticipation of Between the Buried And Me’s newest album to be released in July (and one that will surely be mentioned on my blog), I have been playing just about anything relating to the band. In doing this, I have been searching the internet for more material, which resulted in finding a new album that I didn’t know existed. I was more than excited to hit play on Thomas Giles’ new album, and was not disappointed.

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