the dear hunter act iv rebirth in reprise

Album Review: The Dear Hunter – Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise

Finally, album number three of the mighty release day that occurred last Friday. I feel I’ve been waiting for this album the longest of the three, considering it’s the next part of a series of albums left off back in 2009. For six long years I’ve been waiting for the next installment by The Dear Hunter. Being one of the first bands mentioned on this site, they are back at it with their wonderful album “Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise.”Read More »


Album Review: William Fitzsimmons – Pittsburgh

Look, another new release that made its way to my blog! May 2015 (and by extension late April 2015) has been something else, releasing new material from some great bands. Just today, I found out of another album released to add to my list of must-listens. Not knowing that William Fitzsimmons was doing something else besides touring this past year, his newest album nearly snuck past me unnoticed. I need an assistant to catch up on these releases!

William Fitzsimmons, better known as Fitzy around my house, is another addition to my iTunes library thanks to my amazing wife. Residing from Pittsburgh, Fitzsimmons is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter that has captured my heart and ripped it in two. My wife has been listening to him for years, but it wasn’t until years after his great album “The Sparrow and the Crow” that I first heard him. I was immediately hooked; his simple and delicate strumming and fingerpicking on guitars, banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins were enough for me to consider him my favorite import from my wife’s taste in music. Read More »

Album Review: Ned and the Dirt – Giants

Looking for local bands in the southern California area, I was able to find and interact with this next band through Twitter and Instagram. With such a massive personality, I was instantly hooked to this band and felt the need to listen to them. After several plays through their latest album, I couldn’t stop listening to them! With a sound different from most of my posts on this blog, Ned and the Dirt is a great change of pace for my readers.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Ned and the Dirt is Ned Durrett on vocals/guitar, Andrew Johnson on the guitar, and Chris Clark on bass guitar, featuring a rotating drummer. With a southern rock flavor, their sound resides in the indie rock and rock n’ roll genre. Being a band with such giant charisma and character, it is only fitting that their latest album is titled “Giants,” an album that any listener will instantly be hooked on because of the passionate and innovative sound from the start.

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city and colour little hell

Album Review: City and Colour – Little Hell

Here’s another shout out to my wife’s wonderful taste in music. This next act was introduced to me a few years ago from my wife, an act that has expanded from one solo artist to a whole band. After several listens to his albums, I started to love his music as well. This band has had such an impact on both of our lives that we even used one of their songs as our wedding song and have now seen him live three times. We cannot get enough of Dallas Green and his wonderful band City and Colour.

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beck morning phase

Album Review: Beck – Morning Phase

Although I’m not a person who cares too much about music trends and popularity, I couldn’t help but check the results of last week’s Grammys. As most people know, the winner for “Album of the Year” at the Grammys came as a complete surprise. Without getting too philosophical or turning this post into a musical thesis, I will say that seeing Beck’s “Morning Phase” win this award left me both confused and satisfied; confused because of the collective shock that almost everyone experienced, and satisfied that such a talented musician was praised for his work. Having not heard the album before the Grammys, I immediately found and listened to “Morning Phase.” This Grammy winner is the center of my next review.Read More »