Album Review: All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This – Part I: Shape The World

Crash And Ride Music might have been given the most ambitious music submission in recent memory. A project entitled “A Life Among Others” by the band All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This, this Swedish alternative rock band has started this ten-part project with its first EP “Part I: Shape The World,” which will include music, art, literature, and videos produced by Ladysnow Society. All I can say is holy cow!Read More »


Concert Preview: William Fitzsimmons

Continuing his North American tour in support of his latest mini-album “Pittsburgh,” William Fitzsimmons will be playing at The Casbah in San Diego this Sunday.

My second concert at The Casbah in two weeks, I remarked at the intimate setting for such a heavy band while seening And So I Watch You From Afar. This time, indie-folk songwriter Fitzsimmons (supported by Jake Phillips) will grace the stage in a setting that is perfectly adequate for his type of performance and songs. Having seen him twice in the past (both in smaller, intimate venues), I can recall the closeness we all felt when Fitzsimmons graced the stage alone with his acoustic guitar. I can foresee a much closer audience, stepping close to the stage, swaying back and forth with tears in their eyes. With a catalogue of heart-wrenching songs, Crash And Ride Music will be there to capture the moment.

In his tenth year of writing and performing, William Fitzsimmons has experienced a lifetime’s worth of pain and anguish, and has amazingly captured those moments on his five full length studio albums: “Until When We Are Ghosts,” “Goodnight,” “The Sparrow And The Crow,” “Gold In The Shadow,” and “Lions.” Known for producing, writing, and mixing all his own material in prior albums, “Pittsburgh” marks the first album he’s done this since “Goodnight.” Dedicated to his grandmother who passed away late last year, the album focuses on the loss and love of his grandmother and the city they shared.


When: Sunday, October 25th, 2015
Doors: 8:30pm

Where: The Casbah – San Diego
2501 Kettner Blvd.,
San Diego, CA

Cost: $15 in advance / $17 at door (21+ show)

Album Review: Vly – I / (Time)

One trait that I do enjoy coming from newer progressive albums lately is its laid back, dreamy soundscapes. Incorporating techniques mastered by the likes of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and The Who, numerous bands attempt to emulate their heroes as effigies on a podium. With all the different progressive albums I’ve heard especially in the past year, I can say that some of them succeed in expanding upon that sound, while others do nothing more than copy/paste, replicating a skill already captured years ago. Luckily, the band Vly has perfected upon this sonic experience with the release of their first album “I / (Time).”Read More »

Interview: Matt Page of Dream The Electric Sleep

Feature Image Photo by LA Watson

Matt Page is the lead singer/guitarist of Kentucky progressive/indie rock band Dream The Electric Sleep. His band has finished recording and production of their follow-up to “Heretics.” I had the chance to sit down with Matt via Skype and discuss his band, his influences, personal life, and future plans.

Note: The interview is edited for time and length constraints. I have posted a link to the full transcript at the bottom of the page.Read More »

Album Review: Lydia – Run Wild

It’s been quite a long time since Lydia released their first album “This December, It’s One More And I’m Free.” Ten years to be exact; ten long years of musical transition and development. I’ve heard these guys since the beginning, noting the amazing vocal performances, indie-tastic rhythms, and passionate yet simple solos. Their second album “Illuminate” I believe was their apex, a perfect combination of everything previously stated. That album was 7 years ago. Now with their fifth album (released last Friday), Lydia has continued to explore their sound in “Run Wild.”Read More »