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Album Review: Bruce Soord – Bruce Soord

Those who’ve recognized the name on this next review might’ve heard it while reading my “Magnolia” post. Better known as the frontman behind progressive rock’s The Pineapple Thief, singer/guitarist Bruce Soord released his first solo album last week. Having performed on numerous records over the past couple decades, it came as a surprised when I found out his latest self-titled album “Bruce Soord” was indeed his first solo work. Many well-known musicians in the past have drifted from their original bands for better or worse with a goal to differentiate themselves. His latest album does just that, but is surprisingly deep, passionate, and introspective in comparison to his prior performances.Read More »

gazpacho molok

Album Review: Gazpacho – Molok

It’s great to see bands use the power of the Internet to increase their visibility and successfully release remarkable albums. My second Norwegian band in a row, neo-progressive rock band Gazpacho is one of those bands, and has released their second album in two years entitled “Molok.” In reference to biblical god worshipped by the sacrificing of children in the Old Testament, the album follows a concept based in the 1920’s with a theme relating to the contention between scientific and religious thought. Noticing the increase of false worship and the seemingly absent nature of God, a man builds a machine that will predict the future using historical data and physics, essentially replacing Him (anyone else thinking of the “Foundation” series?). If the subject matter wasn’t heavy or deep enough, the album ends with a static noise that could potentially destroy the universe (I’m not joking). I may not be a scientist, but this could very well be either the most important album to ever be released, or an intriguing listen worth 45 minutes of your time. I fall into the latter.Read More »

Top 5: Best Porcupine Tree Albums

English band Porcupine Tree were considered one of the most influential modern progressive rock bands. Fronted by juggernaut Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree has released ten albums, including six EPs. With an evolving sound over the years, it is debatable which album is considered their best among Porcupine Tree fans. But which albums are considered the best by Crash And Ride Music?

Here are Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5 Best Porcupine Tree Albums:Read More »

Top 5: Best TesseracT Songs

Here’s another Top 5 coming your way.

Progressive metal band TesseracT now has three albums to date with their release of “Polaris” earlier this year. With two different singers in that span, we’ve got some different sounding songs to play around with. Which singer will be represented more in Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5? Let’s find out!

So, sit back and enjoy Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5 Best TesseracT songs:

5. “Eden”

4. “Of Matter – Retrospect”

3. “Survival”

2. “Lament”

1. “Of Mind – Nocturne”

There you have it! It looks like Daniel Tompkins beats out Ashe O’Hara three to two. But O’Hara does win when it comes to best vocals on a TesseracT track.

What is YOUR Top 5? Sound off below!

north atlantic oscillation the third day

Album Review: North Atlantic Oscillation – The Third Day

Alright readers, let’s get back to some progressive rock. After listening and writing about indie rock music for the past week, I started to miss my favorite music genre. Searching the music label Kscope (Steven Wilson, Anathema, Katatonia), I started to look for other bands they have signed. In comes this next band, an unrecognized but ambitious band I immediately fell in love with. After only one listen, I couldn’t help but replay music from North Atlantic Oscillation.

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