Interview: Nathan Kane and Paul Lierman of The Wise Man’s Fear/Whale Bones

Nathan Kane and Paul Lierman are two members of post-hardcore/metalcore band The Wise Man’s Fear, and founding members of indie/alternative rock band Whale Bones. Both bands have recently released their debut albums, being “Castle In The Clouds” (The Wise Man’s Fear) and “The Seaside EP” (Whale Bones). I had the chance to sit down with them via Skype and discuss their bands, influences, and future plans.

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the wise man's fear castle in the clouds

Album Review: The Wise Man’s Fear – Castle In The Clouds

With two great softer albums released last week, I decided to shake things up by finding something harder to play. Much harder. Receiving a submission to the site about a month ago, I have given much playtime to my friends over at The Wise Man’s Fear, a post-hardcore/metalcore band from Indiana. Dubbing their music further as “fantasycore,” their latest album follows a concept loosely based around the book of the same name written by author Patrick Rothfuss, a story riddled with knights and castles. Readers already know about my lack of knowledge in that department, but is still a subject that always finds its way into my life. To be honest, I didn’t even know metalcore contained any concept artists besides the beginning phases of Between the Buried and Me, so I was very interested in checking out their latest album “Castle in the Clouds.”Read More »

slaves routine breathing cover

Album Review: Slaves – Routine Breathing

I hate it when a band I like releases an album I don’t. Thus is the case with post-hardcore band Slaves’ latest album “Routine Breathing,” released last Friday. With all the drama that comes with inviting the band into your life (including their most recent episode with the Vans Warped Tour), emotions were heightened from both band and fan during their recent traumatic experience. After suffering through so much, Jonny Craig and company have bounced back and released their album early in appreciation of the support from their fans. If only they could have utilized that energy to generate a better album.Read More »

Album Review: Whale Bones – The Seaside EP

I recently received a submission to the site from a band that gave me nostalgic memories. I was immediately brought back to my high school years upon listening to Whale Bones’ latest EP “The Seaside.” In no way is this meant to date the band’s sound, but is instead a reflection of how my music taste has evolved over the years. This sentiment was echoed when I noticed a completely different band I used to listen to was touring close to home. It’s that alternative rock, post-rock, and dare I say post-hardcore sound that flooded my mind when I thought of that band, and immediately flared a desire to recreate that sonic experience. Insert “The Seaside,” a deep and thoughtful album that has reignited my youth, even if only for a moment.Read More »

slaves death never lets us say goodbye

Single Review: Slaves – Death Never Lets Us Say Goodbye

Slaves has gone through a lot the last couple weeks. Being accused of pretty severe allegations, being booted off the Vans Warped Tour, and having a song leak off their upcoming album “Routine Breathing,” the band is in a dark place right now. What they need most is some routine breathing of their own, but Jonny Craig and company have done their best with damage control. In regards to their leaked song, they decided to embrace its release, and instead made it available on their website. Being the second song out for the world to hear, I can easily say “Death Never Lets Us Say Goodbye” is better than their planned single released last month.

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