Top 5: Best Yes Albums

Yes, it’s time for another Top 5 to stir everyone up. What better way than the up-and-down career of Yes. This undoubtedly talented lineup from England has changed numerous times over the years, each with its own style and flair. With a career lasting nearly fifty years, and having released 21 albums over that span, Yes continue to tour in memory of their longtime bassist Chris Squire. Their sound has changed drastically over the years, so ranking them will surely leave some readers scratching their heads. But leave it to Crash And Ride Music to share with you their greatest albums.

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Top 5: Best Genesis Albums

Genesis are arguably one of the best progressive rock bands to ever play. With nearly every member of the band being a notable solo musician later in their careers, Genesis have released 15 albums over a 30 year period, while rumors are spreading about their return to the stage. What albums does Crash And Ride Music believe rise to the top and make up our Top 5?

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dream theater

Top 5: Best Dream Theater Albums

Boston’s own Dream Theater are considered one of the most influential prog metal bands of this generation. Containing an all star lineup of extremely talented musicians, Dream Theater has released twelve studio albums over the past 30 years, and will be releasing their newest album “The Astonishing” early next year. What albums does Crash And Ride Music believe rise to the top and make up our Top 5?

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Top 5: Best Porcupine Tree Albums

English band Porcupine Tree were considered one of the most influential modern progressive rock bands. Fronted by juggernaut Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree has released ten albums, including six EPs. With an evolving sound over the years, it is debatable which album is considered their best among Porcupine Tree fans. But which albums are considered the best by Crash And Ride Music?

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Top 5: Best Caligula’s Horse Songs

Aussie progressive/alternative rockers Caligula’s Horse recently released their third album “Bloom,” their first off of record label Inside Out Music. With a different approach to the album’s writing process than in prior releases, singer Jim Grey and company may have released arguably one of their best albums to date. But how many of the songs off “Bloom” are deserving of being in Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5?

Here are Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5 Best Caligula’s Horse songs:

5. “Dark Hair Down”

One of their first singles off their album “The Tide, The Thief, & River’s End,” this was the song that got me into the band. Its energetic opening chords cuts through your surrounding noise, demanding attention.

4. “Daughter of the Mountain”

(Sadly, I cannot find a video online to show you!)

Another energetic introduction, but it’s the chorus that sticks with the listener’s head. “’This is my choice, father’” she saaaaid!”

3. “This City Has No Empathy (Your Sentimental Lie)”

One of the most experimental songs they’ve released, the listener will be fooled by the acoustic introduction. This song is on my bucket list to see live, and you will see why by the song’s end. “Passionate” doesn’t begin to describe it.

2. “Marigold”

The first single off their latest album, the preceding song “Bloom” blends perfectly into this track. That opening drum beat is supercharged, and is pushed to the limit in the song’s chorus.

1. “Into the White”

The longest track off “River’s End,” the drastic ups and downs of this song keeps the listener on their toes. The flute in the song’s bridge sets up one of the most collectively brilliant arrangements the band has ever performed.

There you have it; Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5. What songs are in YOUR Top 5?

Top 5: Best TesseracT Songs

Here’s another Top 5 coming your way.

Progressive metal band TesseracT now has three albums to date with their release of “Polaris” earlier this year. With two different singers in that span, we’ve got some different sounding songs to play around with. Which singer will be represented more in Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5? Let’s find out!

So, sit back and enjoy Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5 Best TesseracT songs:

5. “Eden”

4. “Of Matter – Retrospect”

3. “Survival”

2. “Lament”

1. “Of Mind – Nocturne”

There you have it! It looks like Daniel Tompkins beats out Ashe O’Hara three to two. But O’Hara does win when it comes to best vocals on a TesseracT track.

What is YOUR Top 5? Sound off below!